About Us

The UQ Science Demo Troupe is a group of UQ students interested in spreading enthusiasm for science. We regularly meet to practice our various science demonstrations and to come up with new, more exciting ones. We frequently visit schools to run science activities, and also regularly present lecture demonstrations for various undergraduate subjects at The University of Queensland.

The UQ Science Demo Troupe's main mediums for communicating science are through demonstration shows, which are highly entertaining, engaging and educating, and hands-on workshops, which allow participants to do some of the science for themselves. Both activities are designed to give a better understanding of how the world works. The aims of the UQ Science Demo Troupe include:

  • Cultivate a greater interest and understanding of science within the public.

  • Increase the desire of students to pursue further science education in high school and university.

  • Working with primary school and high school science departments to visit schools and present demonstrations based on course material that would otherwise be unavailable to the students.