School Visits

The UQ Science Demo Troupe has many activities for students that are both entertaining and educational. The activities are arranged in one of two formats:

  • Science Demonstration Shows - give a highly entertaining demonstration of all the wonderful and wacky things science has to offer. Demo shows are for audiences of all sizes and ages (we have performed for entire schools!)

  • Science Workshops - are highly interactive and give the students an opportunity to get hands-on and do some of the science for themselves. Workshops are limited to groups of no more than 30 and are best for grades 4 and above.

Much of the content in the demo shows and workshops is portable, and as such you need not come to us as we can come to you! If you're at all interested seeing the UQ Science Demo Troupe please contact us. To pay for things like administration, petrol, consumables, new demonstration equipment (which can be quite expensive) and other costs, we do ask for a small fee for any services that we provide.

Regional and Remote Schools

The UQ Science Demo Troupe realises that there is a need for science outreach in regional and remote places. To service this need, several times a year the demo troupe takes science on the road and spends a day (or two) at various schools across Queensland and parts of Australia (the map below shows which schools the demo troupe has visited). The demo troupe seeks external funding for these trips so that remote schools pay the same as those based in Brisbane.